9 MM

One day Katia finds a letter in an old bottle, which is from Mathew, her school sweat heart, whom she hadn’t seen for 16 years. Can one letter bring back memories of childhood love and change their unhappy lives?

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Director’s Statement

It took me two years to make “9 mm” from the initial idea to the completed film. The short is based on a true story that happened to me in 2007.

The script was completely different when we shot the story. However, in time the decision was made that for the story to be understood, it would be better to include more verbal communication between the two characters.

  I must say that this is the first time I have made a film without a deadline looming over me to complete the whole process. It was beautiful to experience that.

 If I was to make the film again, I would probably give myself more time with the camera and lights and probably look for a larger location to give space to both actors and the camera.

 I managed to get together a group of young and talented filmmakers who were able to share my vision from the very beginning. While filming, I got a chance to work with some amazing actors once again, so the overall experience of making this film was fantastic.

Festivals Official Selection: 

Waterford Film Festival;

Jaipur International Film Festival;

Deep Fried Film Festival;

International Festival of Film & Culture at Patras City;

Naoussa International Film Festival;

Novara Film Festival;