I provide the following writing services:

  • Blogging,

  • Articles writing,

  • Email Newsletter,

  • Prices for blogging, articles writing and an e-newsletter (For every blog and article I will write I also offer tweeting the link to that blog or article 20 times for a month.) :

    • 200-400 words –      £35

    • 400-700 words –      £50

    • 800-1,300 words –    £80

    • 1,400-2,000 words – £110

    • 2,000 words+ –         £150 +

  • Copywriting for websites and sales pages,

  • Social media content, 

  • Scriptwriting.

To find out more get in touch:  magda@magdaolchawska.com 

or give me a call: 

(+44) (0) 7964262399




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