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Another Way…

I have known I would make films, write, travel, and observe people while sipping coffee in coffee shops since I was 7. In my child-like mind, leading a creative life was the only way I could escape the reality of 1980s Poland. I began my… Read more

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Changing the Location Could Reopen Gates to Your Creativity

As every year, also this year I spend the summer at my parent’s country house in Poland. However, unlike any previous summer, during the summer of 2022, I had very little time for my creative practice. Not to fall behind on my ongoing projects, every… Read more

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Without Development, There Is No Project

I would describe script development as this: long, intense, often lonely part of the creative process that takes place before everyone falls in love with your script and wants to jump on board to work with you. Without that however, nothing can be produced because… Read more

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If You Are New to Filmmaking …

There is one unbreakable rule of filmmaking; if you want to be a filmmaker, you must make films. You can study books, films, and videos, but if you don’t put all that knowledge into practice, you will never know what works and what doesn’t in… Read more

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If You Are New to Screenwriting….

If you are just about to embark on a screenwriting adventure, it’s crucial to know the right screenplay structure. The script structure for film and TV is very different to theatre screenplay. If you send your finished manuscript in the wrong format to anyone in… Read more