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Ask Yourself If You Need a Sales Agent

You worked incredibly hard to complete your film; you spent years editing and begging people for favours, especially when your project had no budget for anything; the years of hard work have finally paid off and now your film is finished. You believe in your… Read more

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Be Your Own Sales Agent

As filmmakers we all dream. We dream big that our next film is going to be: the best, the biggest, the most awesome and will take us to the various red carpets, and events far as the Oscars ceremony. Well, I love that dream, and… Read more

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List of International Sales Agencies and Companies for Film and TV

ADRIANA CHIESA ENTERPRISES (IT) ADRIANA CHIESA ENTERPRISES SRL (A.C.E.), was founded in 1990 by Adriana Chiesa Di Palma. Though at creation, A.C.E.’s principal activity was international film distribution, today it also acquires films, concludes co-productions and actively participates in the development of film projects.… Read more

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How Sales Agents (in the Film Industry) Can Help Your Film?

For this article, we are just going to talk about the shorts sales agents. A sales agent is an individual or a company who will try to sell your film to as many networks across the globe as possible. You are most likely to meet… Read more