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How I Made an Indie Feature Film on $12500 Budget?

IT ALL STARTED WITH A DREAM Most of the filmmakers, I’ve met, dream of making a feature film. A film that would, and could, be the stepping-stone in their filmmaking careers. However, before that happens, filmmakers usually spend years making shorts, developing their skills in… Read more

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I Was Going Through My Feature Film’s Files, and I Didn’t Realise That…

To finish “Anna & Modern Day Slavery”, my first feature film on the minimum budget, I devoted four years of my life. Not only to complete the post-production process but also: to run two additional crowdfunding campaigns, to create marketing and promotional plans, to try… Read more

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Anna and Modern Day Slavery: IndieGoGo Funded Feature Film

“Anna & Modern Day Slavery”, remarkably realistic docu-fiction, that addresses one of the continuing tragedies of our times. These women need to be helped, need to be saved, and something must be done to prevent modern-day slavery. Anna’s unearthing the profoundly troubling flow of money… Read more