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Independent Film Marketing Part 1

Doing the marketing campaign for an independent film stays more or less by the general rules of marketing for a small business. The traditional ways of bringing films into the market are fading fast, and it’s time to reinvent film marketing, and therefore the marketing… Read more

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Learn How to Make a Promotional Sheet for Your Film?

FILM PROMOTIONAL SHEET – is a document used for promoting your film. A new promotional sheet should be used at every stage of your production, therefore, ensure that changes can be made. The promotional sheet is ideally as small as a postcard, and on one… Read more

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How to Create Press Kit for Film Festivals or Media Outlet?

PRESS KIT – is needed for film festivals, film markets and also when you send the film to a potential sales agent or distribution company. You must ensure that your press kit looks as professional as possible. I usually send my press kit on a CD (always make sure that the… Read more