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How to Distribute an Independent Film: Independent Film Distribution?

Independent film distribution is always the hardest part of filmmaking because once you have your beloved film finished what do you do with it. Many books have been written on the subject, so I would recommend going to the bookshop and checking some out. The… Read more

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Independent Film Distribution: Which Way to Go Part 1?

…NEW WAY OF INDEPENDENT FILM DISTRIBUTION Before you decide or start working on self-distribution with your production team try to answer at least the following questions. What is the type of your audience? What is the niche for your film? Film marketing services (internet marketing,… Read more

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Film Distribution: Which Way to Go Part 2?

Independent Film Distribution Most of the filmmakers know nowadays that to make a film is just half of the process. With so many films being made each year the market is crowded, and even excellent film can fail to attract audience or media. And sadly… Read more