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“Submersion” the Water Tank Escape.

Dave got in touch with me after I wrote a blog about Woolwich, where I currently live with my family (If you have not read it yet, this is the link.). We met locally one Saturday afternoon to chat about life, careers, Dave’s street performing and the fact that his water tank escape he does is a dying art and only a handful of people perform similar acts around the world.

From that chat, we decided that since Dave together with his team are preparing an exciting new show that is on in September in Greenwich for everyone to come and enjoy for free as part of Totally Thames 2018, we should put something together to let the local community and Londoners know about Submersion.

Dave Diamond works as an accountant in London Bridge. But at weekends he is an escapologist, performing on the streets of London, you can usually find him along the banks of the Thames or in Covent Garden. He also performs a show whereby he is locked in a tank of water and has to escape, by picking the handcuffs and padlocks. One paper described him as a daredevil and stuntman, maybe not a typical accountant.

Q & A

1. What kind of performance are you doing in September Dave?

The September performance is in Greenwich and is the water tank escape. It is similar to the act that was made famous by Harry Houdini over 100 years ago. There is one crucial difference between my act and the one performed by Houdini. He hid behind a curtain. There are no curtains in the Greenwich show, the audience will see me throughout the escape.

2. Can you say a little bit more about the September event?

The show in September is called Submersion; it is much more than an escapology act. It is jointly produced with a circus, the aircraft circus academy, which is based in Charlton. The show is based on a story of the capture of pirates by the navy. I am joined by four circus performers who perform a number of aerial and strength acts. Which is very apt as it is the 250th anniversary of a circus this year.

3. Can you tell us a little bit more about Submersion?

The show heads back in time to 1709 when a Londoner’s common pastime was to watch a good execution, especially pirate executions. In Submersion, the admiralty battles it out with pirates. The circus performers play the Navy. Captured, the pirates are held in Marshalsea Prison to face up to their crimes and pending execution. We travel to Execution Dock to see our pirate firstly hung, then chained and securely fastened in the river, to allow the traditional three tides of the Thames to wash over him. As the Navy celebrate, the pirate is lowered upside down in a tank of water, shackled and padlocked, and has just a nail file to pick the locks and to free himself. The show is based on real events just over 300 years ago in London. It has been a great a pleasure to work with Professor Tarlow at the University of Leicester, who helped to make the show as near as possible reflect the actual events.

Dave Diamond

4. Can you give us dates of your Totally Thames performance?

Please check the link below for the dates and timing as well as the location. The show is suitable for families, and we do hope a lot of parents and kids will join us. The show is free, and you can watch to see for yourself if the pirate can escape or is doomed to become a warning to other pirates.

5. How can people keep in touch with you?

Dave Diamond



Aircraft Circus



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