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“Sensitive Skin” with Kim Cattrall

I realise that a lot of people don’t like, or perhaps even hate Netflix, but for a working and homeschooling mum, Netflix is a Godsend.

One of the shows I recently discovered is “Sensitive Skin” with Kim Cattrall. I’ve always liked her and thought that “Sex and the City” without Samantha wouldn’t have run for longer than a season, maybe two.

In “Sensitive Skin” however, Kim Cattrall’s character Davina is nothing like Samantha from “Sex and the City”. Davina has been in a long-term relationship, she has a son, who is not so keen on his parents and blames them for everything that has been going wrong with his life. However, Davina doesn’t try to fix him; she is trying to fix her own life, which only recently she came to realise that has not been as satisfying as she imagined would have been when she was young, full of dreams and hopes.

When we meet Davina and her husband Al, they have just moved back to the city, leaving their suburban lifestyle behind, which wasn’t suited for them anymore, once their son left the house. The move and the city life was meant to revitalise their relationship. I can only guess Davina was hoping that leaving the old lifestyle behind could set her free from the daily routine and inner disappointments and struggles.

What I like about this show the most is the following:

  • – It’s set in Toronto, which in my opinion is a perfect pick. Not all real-life happens in NYC.
  • – Characters are realistic and asking real-life questions, which makes easy for the audience to identify with their problems and struggles.
  • – The show is asking one fundamental question, at least in my opinion: when is too late to try to find personal satisfaction and happiness in life? Do you stay and stick to the familiar or do you try to find fulfilment and happiness in the unknown?
  • – The relationship between Davina and her sister is tense and edgy, which I can identify with, and real relationships between family are like that because there is always some underlying, unspoken truths and issues.
  • – Davina’s annoyance with her husband is also very realistic (You know, these little annoying things we all pick on when we are in a long-term relationship).
  • – What does being successful mean and how long one strives for professional success before giving up on the idea of ever making to the top?
  • – Parenting is hard, and that is regardless of how hard we try as parents.
  • – Allowing and letting go of our kids is hard but no matter what we do, we need to support their life choices.
  • – Sometimes the love and comfort of a long-term relationship is enough to have a good and fulfilling life together. But sometimes the heart wants much more than the security and comfort.
  • – The unhappiness is an inner feeling, and no amount of the outer change will satisfy the void inside.
  • – It is a show for adults who have lived a little, have matured and experienced life much differently than younger people (Most shows are for and about younger people).

I did fall in love with “Sensitive Skin” and Davina. I wish HBO kept on making it. I would like to know if Davina finally found what she was looking for.

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