Screenwriting Tips

Scriptwriting Tips – will help you start writing your screenplay as well as help you improve the screenplay you have already written.  As a bonus, I have added Social Media and Digital Marketing Module and Mindful Storytelling Module, which in our fast-moving industry all goes hand in hand.

Scriptwriting Tips & Hacks

– “A Little Bit More About the Characters”

– “As a Scriptwriter, You Need To…”

– “Hot Scriptwriting Tips to Make Your Script Shine”

– “If You Are Asked For a Script Feedback”

– “Writing Tips and Exercises”

– Scriptwriting Lingo

Screenwriting Resources

– Emma Coats from Pixar Narrative Story Advice

– How To Write A Scene 9 Writing Tips From John August

– Joss Whedon Top Ten Screenwriting Tips

– Writing Tips From Aaron Sorkin

– Screenwriters Resources (screenwriter’s useful links)

– Writers Links 2019

– Shonda Rhimes Writing Tips


– “Films and Videos Pitching E-book” by Magda Olchawska (How to pitch your films, scripts and ideas.)

Mindful Storytelling Module

– “Mindful Storytelling E-book”

– “Pitching Template”

– “Copywriting Tips”

Social Media and Digital Marketing Module

– “List of Twitter Tools”

– “Headlines That Will Make Your Life Easier”

– “Platforms You May Find Useful to Create Content“

– “Your Own Personal Website”

– “Modern Marketing Tips and Hacks”

– “Getting Your Work Out There”

– “Digital Marketing In A Nutshell”

– “Goal Setting and Execution”

–  “Questions”

Screenwriting Tips Package is also included in the Indie Filmmaking School

Screenwriting Tips