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Places I Love Working From

Over the years I’ve changed my working habits significantly. I used to love working in coffee shops. But now I find most coffee shops noisy and overcrowded (I do seriously wonder if this is simply me getting older), which means that my concentration wanders off and instead of focusing on the task at hand, I daydream “What If…”.

At the moment, apart from holding onto my job as a writer and filmmaker, I also homeschool Little M. who has dyslexia and needs one-on-one, tailored support. So, to maintain my productivity I needed to change my writing habits, and now I love working at:

– Libraries – I love those places, especially small local libraries where stuff is nice and very few people come in. Libraries are quiet and not as distractive as coffee shops are with screaming children and babies, conversations and coffee brewing. Libraries are obviously also full of books, which to me already is an inspirational incentive. Because when I look around, I know that many of those books are good, popular with readers and I also know that I won’t be able to read even a fraction of them in my lifetime, which pushes me even harder to unlock the stories that are inside me.

– My car – I love writing in my car. It is quiet and cosy; no one ever bothers me, and I know I have limited time to write because this is usually the time I wait for the Little M. to finish his lessons, which are generally up to 60 minutes long. Knowing that I have limited time somehow works for me and the car with its limitations is a perfect solution for my creativity.

– A park (when it’s not raining) – the space, the greenery, diffused distant noises that are not affecting me in any way because they are not directly in my creative orbit allow me the freedom of endless possibilities one can only find in nature; not constrained by do’s and don’ts.

All those places are free and available to most of us. So pack up your computer or notepad, and no more excuses. Go and write, let your creativity fill your lungs, be pro-active and tell your stories we are all waiting to hear.

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