Writing Pitches for Projects and Ideas


  • Are you a writer trying to pitch your book idea to film and TV producers or directors?
  • Are you a filmmaker working on your next script and hoping to pitch that idea to film or TV executives?
  • Are you trying to pitch products or ideas to investors?

I can help you with:

  • writing various pitches for you,
  • re-writing the already existing pitches you have.

I can guarantee that by working with me you will:

  • feel confident and in control of your verbal and written introduction,
  • have various length pitches that will help you either get a meeting with a decision maker or enable you to use one of them while talking to a decision maker about your script, book or product idea.

My aim is to help people to work on their written and verbal pitch. 

If you have any questions regarding this service feel free to email me at magda@magdaolchawska.com  or give me a call: (+44) (0) 7964262399

The price for this service varies depending on the amount of work needed to write the pitches for you. You may want to have just logline/premise pitch, or you may want to go all the way and have your project pitched from premise pitch to the complete pitch.