• Are you a writer trying to pitch your book idea to film and TV producers or directors?
  • Are you a filmmaker working on your next script and hoping to pitch that idea to film or TV executives?

My aim is to help writers and filmmakers work on their written and verbal pitch. 

The consultation will help you with:

  • organizing your various pitches (elevator pitch, genesis pitch etc.),
  • having a blueprint for working on your pitch,
  • writing various length pitches.

I can guarantee that by the end of our consultation you will:

  • feel confident and in control of your verbal and written introduction,
  • have various length pitches that will help you either get a meeting with a decision maker or enable you to use one of them while talking to a decision maker about your script or book.

If you have any questions regarding this consultation feel free to email me at magda@magdaolchawska.com

I can guarantee that at the end of our consultation you will have the right pitch for your project.

That consultation includes:

  • 2 hours of Skype conversation over a month
  • Weekly email exchange for a month (5-6 emails in total including introduction and follow up email)

Costs: £249

Once you commit to yourself and your project we can start arranging our emails and Skype calls.

One on One Consultation