Indie Filmmaking School

Everything I know about independent filmmaking (from development to distribution), I learnt the hard way working on projects and seeing in real-time what works and what doesn’t.

To make the process easier for other filmmakers and help them as much as I could, I created an Indie Filmmaking School, which is the ultimate practical guide to independent filmmaking for newcomers and seasoned filmmakers.  

Check out all the Indie Filmmaking School’s modules below to see what each has to offer.

For only $49.00 (one-time payment) you will have access to:

Film Distribution Module 

Social Media and Digital Marketing Module

Scriptwriting Tips & Hacks Module

CV Templates for Writers and Filmmakers

Directing Tips

Film Festivals

Film & Video Production

3 Filmmaking E-books

89 links to film distribution companies’ websites (for both: narrative and documentary films)

16 links to short films distributors’ websites

13 links to film funding institutions

35 links to film institutions and organisations’ websites (worldwide)

281 links to film commissions’ websites

4 links to sales agents representing short films

88 links to sales agents websites representing feature films (narrative and documentary)

117 links to short film festivals

82 links to feature film festivals

88 Ready to use production documents

Indie Filmmaking School One Time Payment

Film Distribution Module

– “Film Distribution of Indie Films in the 21 Century” (How do you distribute an indie film? What do you need to distribute your film successfully? Are you stuck with your film’s distribution? This e-book will help you move forward and find a successful path for your distribution.)

–  “Digital Marketing Campaign Plan for Your Film”

–  “How to Write Your Marketing and Distribution Plan”

– “Once You Take Your Film to the Market You Should…”

– “Quick Guide to Film Distribution”

– “Quick Pitch Template”

– “Theatrical Distribution Costs”

– “Theatrical Release”

– “Three Marketing Hacks to Help You with Film Distribution”

-“What Not to Do While Marketing Your Film?”

– “How to Sell Your Movie?”

-“How to Build Your Film’s Website?”


Directing Tips

– “Director’s Relationship with the Camera”

– “Working With Actors”

– “Directors Responsibilities”

– One Pager

– “Pre-Production For Directors”


Film and Video Production Module

– “Film and Video Production Modules n a Nutshell”

– ” How to Work With the Film Crew on the Film Set”

– Filmmakers Links 2019

– “How To Approach Production Companies”

Film Festivals Module

– ”Film Festivals Practical Tips”

Scriptwriting Tips & Hacks

– “A Little Bit More About the Characters”

– “As a Scriptwriter, You Need To…”

– “Hot Scriptwriting Tips to Make Your Script Shine”

– “If You Are Asked For a Script Feedback”

– “Writing Tips and Exercises”

– Scriptwriting Lingo


Social Media and Digital Marketing Module

– “List of Twitter Tools”

– “Headlines That Will Make Your Life Easier”

– “Platforms You May Find Useful to Create Content“

– “Your Own Personal Website”

– “Modern Marketing Tips and Hacks”

– “Getting Your Work Out There”

– “Digital Marketing In A Nutshell”

– “Goal Setting and Execution”



– “Films and Videos Pitching E-book” by Magda Olchawska (How to pitch your films, scripts and ideas.)

– “How I Made an Indie Feature Film on $12500?” (It is doable and in this e-book, you will find out how to pull it off. )

– “How I Run Successful IndieGoGo Campaign to Make a Feature Film” ( Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is not as easy as some people make it look. If you have big dreams for your projects and need to crowdfund your budget this e-book is surely for you.)

Hundreds of verified links to websites for:

This bundle of links will make your life easier while you are trying to promote, sell or/and distribute your film.

– Film distribution companies,

– Sales agents,

– Film institutions,

– Film commissions,

– Short film festivals.

Filmmakers On Filmmaking

– Filmmaking Tips From Martin Scorsese

– Independent Filmmaking With Spike Lee

– Mira Nair’s Filmmaking Tip

– Ron Howards Tips For Filmmakers

Production Documents and Contracts

All the production documents and contracts you need to run a successful production.

– Script analysis template,

– Actor-actress contract,

– Short actors contract,

–  Advertising contract,

– Ghostwriter’s agreement,

– Agreement to edit the film,

– Agreement to transfer economic rights,

– Agreement to transfer the rights to the screenplay and the artistic contribution,

– Agreement with the Director of Photography,

– Animation agreement,

– The budget template for promotion,

– Buyout deal memorandum  – full version,

–  Buyout deal memorandum,

–  Cash or cheque receipt,

–  Cast contact list,

–  Cast information sheet,

–  Cast list – final information sheet,

–  Cast-scene number breakdown,

–  Casting sheet,

–  Copy release,

–  Cost_report,

–  Daily cost overview,

–  Day performer contract,

–  Film editing contract – no rights,

– Film festival submission letter,

–  Film festivals sheet,

–  Film location agreement,

–  Film promotion expenses sheet,

–  Freelance performer agreement,

–  Individual petty cash account,

–  Letter about product placement,

–  Letter of appointment,

–  Letter of appointment,

–  Letter to the equipment company,

–  Letter to the transport company,

–  Location letter,

–  Meal allowance,

–  Mileage log – passenger list,

–  The minimum freelance contract,

–  Nudity rider casting agreement,

–  PDF. for sponsors-investors,

–  Performer contract for interactive programming,

–  Photograph copyrights transfer,

–  Producer agreement,

–  Producer video release & contract,

–  Producer’s agreement,

– Product release  standard terms,

– Product release agreement,

–  Product release,

–  Production advance request,

–  Purchase order,

–  Purchase order log,

–  Received of petty cash,

–  Remote shoot checklist,

–  Remote survey checklist,

–  Risk assessment template,

–  Scene and character breakdown table,

–  Screenplay contract,

–  Script breakdown sheet,

–  Short budget estimate form,

–  Song, copyright transfer,

–  Special camera rigging authorization,

–  Specific crew call sheet,

–  Split page format (TV script format),

–  Standard terms and conditions of the product release agreement,

–  Talent audition sheet,

–  The cheque’s in the mail,

– The time cards check-off list,

– Video-audio production checklist.

Indie Filmmaking School One Time Payment