One on One

Are you a woman in the film or art industry struggling to break through, find your voice and be visible?

As a rule, women, and I know this from my own experience, have more difficulties with not only breaking into the art industry, which includes filmmaking and entertainment but also with making themselves visible and owning their work (yes, it does come down to confidence).

We believe that if we work hard, are well educated, open to constant training we will finally “make it” to the top. Unfortunately for us and our brilliant and determined minds, it doesn’t work this way. It’s not about how well educated you are or how fantastic your work is. It’s not even about who you know anymore; most likely it is about how visible you are, where your work is, how many followers you have on social media and how actively you are promoting yourself and your work. This is the reality and I doubt it’s going to change any time soon.

If you want to “make it” (I do realise that “making” means different things to different people, but being successful, feeling fulfilled and perhaps earning good money from the work you do is something we can all agree on) in the art and entertainment business you should be pro-active and take charge of creating opportunities for yourself.

Women suffer from lower self-esteem and often find maintaining confidence challenging (centuries of oppression). It took me a long time to find my voice, to gain confidence and to be comfortable with who I am and the work I do. It took me a long time to take pride in what I do, to appreciate my talent and my skills, my determination and stubbornness. However, the shift of perception doesn’t happen overnight and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise you should walk away. To make yourself heard and visible requires hard work, often tears, doubts all the way, support from your tribe and inner growth.

The times are changing for women and we not only have an amazing opportunity to be heard now but we have a duty to the future generation of women to show them the way as we were showed the way by all the wonderful women that came before us.

And this is where I come in. I’m here to help you shine. I’m here to guide you so you don’t have to run in a circle for years like I did, blindfolded and hoping that magic wand could turn my life around. It’s up to us, not up to some mystical creature to make our voices heard and our art and work visible.

If you are a woman in film or a woman in the arts looking for help, you came to the right place. I do work as an indie film director and writer and I love my job. Everything I’ve learned over the years I did the hard way. No, I don’t regret anything but you don’t have to do it the hard way, as I did it, you’ve got me now.


  • – find all the social media confusing or have no or very little presence online,
  • – don’t know how to promote your work,
  • – don’t know what would be the best outlet for your work to reach a bigger audience and attract fans to what you do,
  • – need encouragement and confidence booster,
  • – need guidance about your career path,
  • – are planning to make a video/film production but don’t know how and where to start,
  • – are trying to learn how to pitch your projects (pitching is also an art form),
  • – have ideas for your content but need some constructive feedback,
  • – are venturing into crowdfunding but still haven’t cracked how to do it or maybe you are already running a campaign but it’s not going the way you would like


I offer one-on-one consultation for women in film (that includes TV and new media) and arts who are trying to break through the glass ceiling, to get out of their comfort zone, to find ways to make their work more visible and find creative, inclusive ways to connect to their fans and audience around the world.

I charge £85 for 1-hour consultation.

I charge £250 for 4 hours of consultation spread over a month, with twice weekly email access to me.

We can either meet in the South East or Central London or work over Skype.

To find out more about my consultation and the way we could work together to make magic happen for you drop me an email @ with One-on-One in the subject line