Digital Media Strategy Plan

 If you are a filmmaker or creative entrepreneur trying to find an audience and build a fan base for your work. I can help you by creating a Digital Media Strategy Plan that will allow you to move on with your career, project and idea. 

To find out more about the Digital Media Strategy Plan email me @ with Digital Media Strategy Plan in the subject line or simply scroll down and make the payment to start the ball rolling.

The investment for your own personal  Digital Media Strategy Plan is $500 and includes: 

Your Digital Media Strategy Plan will include: 

  • defining and finding your audience,
  • social media strategy goals and plan to follow to build your online presence,
  • marketing and promotional goals for the next three months,
  • ways to promote your work (online and offline activities),
  • creative ideas to promote and distribute your project/product that includes creative distribution plan and strategy for your creative idea,  
  • implementing crowdfunding as part of your outreach strategy,
  • growing and expanding your mailing list. 

Digital Media Strategy Plan

Once you make the payment I’ll be in touch with a questioner.  If by any chance you don’t hear from me in 24 h. since making the payment please do email me.