1. A Story I Hear All the Time

  • You have a fantastic book or a script but you don’t know how to approach agents or decision makers.
  • You don’t know who to contact with your work.
  • You don’t know where to find the decision makers.
  • You don’t know what materials you need to approach the decision makers and make the meeting(s) count.
  • You feel overwhelmed with the advice, the information you found online but still don’t know how to use it to your advantage.

2. What I Do as a Consultant

  • As a consultant, I help writers and scriptwriters make the next step that will help them get meaningful meetings and get through those meetings.
  • I write different types of pitches (premise pitch, comparison pitch, genesis pitch, complete pitch) for writers, scriptwriters, and filmmakers, based on their scripts or books. The pitching will help you pitch your script or your book to decision makers.

3. What We Will Cover

  • Ideas and suggestions on how to find and approach decisions makers.
  • I will create a list of potential questions the decision makers may ask you (with each meeting you will expand on that list).
  • I will teach you how to grow your fan base organically.
  • I will find the help you find the target audience for your script and give you suggestions on how to find and approach them.

The pitches I’ll write are  premise pitch,

                                                • comparison pitch,

                                                • genesis pitch,

                                                • complete pitch.

4. What I Do and What I Don’t Do

  • I help you prepare the package for your meetings with decision makers.
  • I suggest ways and ideas find and approach decision makers.
  • I write pitches for you based on your book or your script, so you are fully prepared for your meeting(s) with the decision maker.
  • I don’t connect authors with filmmakers and agents.
  • I don’t connect filmmakers with agents.
  • I don’t act as an agent or a distributor.

5. The Process

  • After the payment in full, I send you a questionnaire and request from you the copy of your script or your book.
  • Once I have all the materials from you, I start my work. Usually, it will take me up to two weeks to deliver you a personal package, based on your project.
  • The package will be your blueprint what actions I advise you to take and how to hold a meeting with decision makers that will matter.

6. What Does It Cost?

  • The cost is $650 (£500) for the consultation that includes a package created explicitly for you and based on your project.
  • For more information drop me an email

7. Bonus

You also get full access to the Indie Filmmaking School.

8. How To Pay?