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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, I Found A Forbidden Forest

The Forest Was A Dark Place

With Large Population of Crocodiles Hiding Around Every Corner

I wanted to run but I couldn’t

The fear stopped me from moving

I wanted to yell for help but I couldn’t

My lips were stitched and my inner screams invisible

I was invisible when I decided to stay in the forest to make it bright, make it work

I so badly wanted something to work in my life even for a day

And that made the fear worth feeling

Besides by then, the forest was the only thing I knew well

I cleaned and cleaned

I weeded and weeded

I planted and planted

With time the darkness became my norm, but I never stopped believing

That the Forbidden Forest could be turned into a bright little oasis of hope

Hope that never dies even when the crocodiles are lurking from every corner

The End

01. Nov. 2018, London

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