Mikolay & Julia: In the Attic

While searching the attic for a wand for Julia, Mikolay notices a Shadow moving around the boxes, which magically disappears through the wall. The little wizards follow the Shadow and discover hidden cages full of starving children and animals.

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic_sample_pages by Magda Olchawska


Mikolay and Julia’s mothers are witches and so the two children are sent to a special School for children with magical abilities.

One day, Mikolay and Julia go into their attic to search for a wand for Julia. They see a strange shadow and follow it through the wall. To Mikolay and Julia’s horror, they find a number of children that have been kidnapped and put in cages. The children tell them they have to perform in a circus and that they hardly ever get fed.

Mikolay and Julia feel sorry for the children because they can’t see their parents or eat nice food. They decide to try and save the children and also all the animals that are also trapped. But when the kidnappers arrive, Mikolay and Julia have to come up with a plan to save the trapped children, and quick. I won’t say how they help them as it would give the ending away, but this lovely story is the second in the series. The illustrations are adorable and I’m sure children will love them. Plus there is a lesson to learn about stranger danger, which is also great. Parents will love that part, I’m sure.

Magda M. Olchawska has a wonderful way of writing for children and the illustrator, Joanna Gniady, makes the kind of fabulous pictures that kids will adore. I highly recommend it for children and adults. Patricia Puddle 

Mikolay & Julia in the Attic”#2 was a very enjoyable read. It successfully connects and combines the elements of magic and the real life factors of strangers and kidnapping. There is a somber tone to the story but with the exciting touch of magic. The suspense created by the shadow right in the beginning of the book made a great opening for the actual focus. I would have never thought that Mikolay and Julia would find a group of kidnapped kids from the way it was written. Mikolay and Julia work together with some help from witches to escape with the children as well as the animals. Nobody was left behind!

I loved the somewhat wild, shadowy, and collage-like illustrations. Even though the majority of the book contained dark colors, the overall look was different and likable!

This would be a great book for children. The message is effectively delivered through these characters. We learn about the dangers of talking to strangers and we are also encouraged to help others.

Received free from Goodreads First Reads- Thank you very much for the copy!  Silverana

Mikolay and Julia In The Attic is a charming little book, which contains a necessary lesson: ‘stranger danger’.

The 2 young protagonists are magical, fun, adventurous characters who will keep your child entertained while teaching a timeless, valuable lesson. Written in an easily understandable way, Ms. Olchawska has successfully driven the point home about not trusting or accepting gifts or rides from people we don’t know.

Page after page of cute and colorful illustrations to enjoy as you read. You will love reading and discussing this book with your child, or grandchild.

I’m looking forward to more adventures with Mikolay and Julia. I can’t wait to see where the talented Ms. Olchawska takes them next.

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free through Goodreads. (Thank you Magda Olchawska for the opportunity to read this book). I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” Terry 

I bought this book in print for my great great niece, Hunter, for her birthday. I decided to read it before I mailed it to her. It’s a wonderful children’s book and, I believe, an excellent way to teach children stranger danger.

It’s about two magical children, Mikolay and Julia who like to play in the attic. They see a shadow and follow it and it leads them to a group of children in a cage. These children have been cpatured because they trusted a stranger. Mikolay and Julia use their magic to free the children and take them home. Then there is a warning in the back of the book about talking to strangers.

I believe my great great niece will love it. Peggy Holloway 

A Magical Children’s Book, Filled With Suspense, Intrigue, Sorcery & Mystery.

Writer & Award Winning Filmmaker, Magda M. Olchawska shares a fascinating children’s story in her Wonderful Book titled “MIKOLAY & JULIA IN THE ATTIC” a story told with such vivid imagination and yet it is so simple to understand, which is ideal for children.

The author’s superb writing skills are exemplified by the clever way in which she manages to get readers to open up their imaginations, so they can journey along with five year old wizards Mikolay & Julia through a wall (portal), which takes them on a magical childhood adventure of a lifetime .

This book is beautifully illustrated with the use of bold and bright colours to help entice readers and to capture the imagination of any child, who reads it.

This fascinating children’s story is beautifully concluded, when Mikolay & Julia’s make-believe world, gives them the opportunity to save the children they meet, and help bring them back to safety. The underlying message of safety for children, is woven into the fabric of the story and it concludes with the powerful message of keeping kids safe, when all the children manage to get home safely.

It is a great childhood adventure, filled with magical suspense, intrigue, sorcery and mystery (just what children love to read) – yet at the same time, it is also an inspirational read for children, as wizard heroes Mikokay and Julia are able to save the day, by freeing all the children from their captors. Parents and guardians will also enjoy reading the book for children; because not only is it fun, but it shares an important message for all kids – in a loving & magical way! Eleesha Eleesha 

This review is for both Mikolay and Julia in the Attic and Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies.

How fortunate I have been to have come in contact with the lovely author Magda Olchawska.

It is not common that I review children’s books, but I simply must let everyone know about this wonderful author who writes books that are not only enjoyable to read, but have lovely illustrations and very good messages within them.

In Mikolay & Julia Meet the Fairies

Mikolay and Julia are friends who have witches for mommies, but unlike most children, they attend magic school every other weekend. Mikolay is warned by Julia not to use magic outside of class, but stubbornly doesn’t listen and enters a mouse-sized hole in the wall. Inside, they discover musical fairies that are in danger. A terrible monster is destroying their home. The message behind this story is to recycle. It is a free book on Magda’s site too. How wonderful!

In Mikolay & Julia in the Attic

Mikolay pleads with Julia to enter the attic to search for a wand for her. She relents and they discover a long shadow in there that transports them through the wall. The shadow reappears and points to all the cages.

Inside are children who speak of the Flying Circus and how they were captured when they didn’t listen to their mommies about speaking to strangers.

The children are rescued, all is well, and the message firmly implanted to young readers of the importance of not speaking to strangers.

The book trailer for this book is simply enchanting and I recommend it highly.  Maureen 

Mikolay and Julia love to have adventures. Their mummies are both witches and Mikolay and Julia attend a special Magical Weekend School for children with magical abilities.

One day, while Mikolay and Julia are searching for a wand in the attic, Mikolay spots a strange shadow and follows it through the wall. Mikolay and Julia find themselves in a creepy place full of cages. As the two search for the shadow, they discover a cage filled with children who were kidnapped from their mummies and forced to perform in a Flying Circus! Heartbroken that these children can’t hug or snuggle with their mums, Mikolay and Julia take action to free the children and all the performing animals. But when the humans who are holding the children prisoner arrive, plans of rescuing everyone are put in jeopardy! With the help of a friendly coven of witches and an old friend, Farina the fairy queen, Mikolay and Julia are able to save the day, making sure all the children get home safely to their mummies while the animals are sent to the fairy forest to live happily with Farina.

“Mikolay & Julia in the Attic” is the second book in a picture book series written by Magda M. Olchawska. Once again illustrated by Joanna Gniady, the brilliant pictures present a wonderfully unique compliment to the story. Through Mikolay and Julia’s adventure, children are presented with the valuable lesson of being careful not to talk to or go places with a stranger. I love that this book offers parents not only a fun way to spend time with their children, but also gives them an opportunity to discuss the lesson found within the story in a way that kids can relate.

“Mikolay & Julia in the Attic” is a wonderful story that children are sure to want to read again and again. I look forward to reading another adventure with Mikolay and Julia. Heather Payer-Smith 

Mikolay and Julia are kids. They attend school, live near each other and are best friends. However, their weekends are taken up attending magic school, and their mothers are both witches.

One day, looking for a and for Julia, Mikolay and his friend stumble upon a magical portal in the attic, and delving within, they find a sinister circus, and people who need their help….

I loved this book and my eldest who is nearly 4 adored the magic of the story and the beautiful, unique illustrations. I loved the way the words flow into the pictures. Magda is a very talented children’s author and I shall be buying more of these books for my children (and myself!).

These stories are engaging, colourful and for the parents, a great aid to teaching children about ‘stranger danger’, a topic that I as a parent am keen to drill into my children. This makes it fun, interesting but carries the message well, and at the end of the book is a note about stranger danger and what not to do. This book is a gem, and makes the ideal Christmas gift for inquisitive minds and frazzled, obsessive parents like myself…

This book is available in book and Kindle form. Rachel 

Two clever magic-savvy children visit an attic looking for a magic wand and find themselves transported to an evil circus where cruel strangers have kidnapped other children and keep them in a birdcage. The circus owners also mistreat the animals. Our courageous heroes save the day by fighting the circus owners and freeing the trapped children and animals. They get a little help from their fairy friends to make sure everyone gets safely home.

`Mikolay and Julia in the Attic’ is a delightful read and warns youngsters of the danger of talking to strangers–without being scary. The illustrations are delightful and compliment the storyline. I found myself drawn into their adventure and the story left me with a smile. I found one tiny shortcoming with the text layout. At times the lines seemed crowded and this formatting distracted me from the story. Other than this nit, I enjoyed my journey with Mikolay and Julia. Lita Burke

Mikolay & Julia in the Attic is a charming children’s books of animals, wizards, fairies and witches. The illustrations are delightful, and the book has a much-needed lesson for all children.

With an interactive website for kids coming out, I do believe that Magda has outdone herself this time. What a wonderful idea! I do believe that Mikolay & Julia are the beginning of something big. Congrats!! Emmy Swain 

I received this book for free in a Goodreads giveaway. When I first received the book I thought the graphics were a little unusual. I have to say I have read this to my 3 1/2 year old grand daughter and she loves it as does my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter. And as for the graphics they love them too. I thought the story was very well written as it is to get the message of do not speak to strangers out and it does it well. Shannon 

Really enjoyed this book! Great story line, well-paced, suspenseful with a good moral and accompanied very ably by unusual, arresting illustrations. Claude Forthomme 

Mikolay and Julia In The Attic is a wonderful children’s book with a great lesson hidden in the adventures of Mikolay and Julia. The illustrations were beautiful and the story had elements of danger and suspense in it. You wanted the children to be saved and everyone to make it back home safely. I loved this book. Regina Puckett