1. A Story I Hear All the Time

  • You have a great idea but don’t have the time to write it down or develop that idea further
  •  You have an outline of a great story, a book, a script, but don’t have time to write that script or that book.
  •  You believe your book would make a great script, but you have never written a script and don’t know how to do it or where to start. Having a script makes it easier to interest film agents and filmmakers if this is what you are hoping for.

2. What Do I Do as a Ghostwriter

  •  First of all, I listen to what you have to say about your project and your hopes and dreams for that project.
  • I don’t take credit for anything I write. The credit goes solely to you and your team.
  •  I thoroughly read the book or the outline you have, before I send you the follow-up questions that will help me start the work.
  • I write the script or the book based on your outline or your book.

3. What I Don’t Do

  • I don’t connect authors with filmmakers and agents.
  • I don’t connect filmmakers with agents.
  • I don’t act as an agent or a distributor.

4. The Process

  • At first, I take payment for my service. After the payment, I send you an initial questionnaire. Based on that and a couple of email exchanges, I start writing. But only I’m certain I fully understand the assignment at hand.
  • If the script is based on your book, I need to read it first, before I can sit down and work.
  •  I start with the first draft, followed by the second and the third draft. Once that is done, I present to you the most polished third draft.
  • During the process, I can reach out to you asking more specific questions regarding the characters or the plot.
  • I send weekly email updates on the progress of the writing.
  • I always keep to the deadline as long as I’m provided with all the information on time.
  • I’m happy to take extra notes, as long as that has been included in the contract and paid for extra.

5. What Does It Cost?

  • The process will vary depending on the length of the text and the deadline.
  • For the more accurate pricing get in touch by emailing me at

6. Samples of my work

Don’t Ask Questions – Book Adaptation