For Filmmakers

I assist independent filmmakers and independent film projects in creative distribution, crowdfunding, production and marketing planning.

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Before Magda consulted on my film I felt lost. I had no idea how to push my film into the market place and sell it. 
Her knowledge and expertise changed that. After implementing her ideas I’ve secured worldwide distribution, have a strong marketing plan and I’m gearing up for release… all within weeks. 
If you’re getting ready to unleash your masterpiece upon the world, Magda’s advice will prove invaluable. “
 James Twyman (Director of Black Card Productions)

Individuals & Small Companies

Video Production

Promotional videos for products, companies and books.


Website copywriting, blogging and ghostwriting for books, booklets and e-books.

If you are interested in working with me do drop me an email:

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Video Production

Book Trailers





At the Table (cooking and arts and crafts show for kids)



“Magda is a very talented writer and storyteller. She puts her heart and soul into her writing and it shows. I very much enjoyed collaborating with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to add an interesting angle to their story. She truly is gifted and a great pleasure to work with!”


Luana Ackaouy