Filmmaking Consultation

1. Stories I Hear All The Time

– You got stuck with your idea or project in one of the production stages and don’t know how to move on.

– You have a finished film but don’t know what you should do next: film festivals, film markets, approach distributors, or sales agents.

– You need advice about different aspects of production and/or distribution, tailored to your project.

– You struggle to find representation for your film and would like to know more about creative distribution and if this model fits your project.

– Film festivals are mind-boggling to you and give you an unwanted headache.

– You struggle with financing your film.

– You struggle with finishing your film.

– You struggle with approaching sales agents and distributors.

– You have other pressing questions that need answering and brainstorming with someone who is not emotionally involved in the project.

2. What Do I Do As A Consultant?

– I listen to your questions, concerns, and ideas.

– I answer your questions, concerns, and ideas.

– I give you suggestions (we brainstorm ideas), ideas and examples on how your difficulties and challenges can be overcome.

– I help you move on with your project. After our consultation, you will be able to take productive actions that will allow your project to move forward.

3. What Don’t I Do?

– I don’t connect authors with filmmakers and agents.

– I don’t connect filmmakers with agents or distributors.

– I don’t act as an agent or a distributor.

4. The Process

  At first, I take full payment for our session/s. After the payment, I send you a questionnaire, and we arrange the time for our Skype call or meeting in person in Central London (UK).

– During our meeting (Skype call), we go through the questions you had for me. You will have to be realistic with the number of questions, since our time is going to be limited to 60 minutes a session and the more questions you will have, the less detailed answers I will be able to give.

– During the session, we will cover all the most pressing issues you have regarding your challenges.

– By the end of the session, you will be much clearer on what to do next, and you will have an initial plan that will help you make progress.

5. Bonus

– As a bonus to this consultation, you will get access to the Indie Filmmaking School, which is currently priced at $27

6. What Does It Cost?

– For one hour session, I charge $99

– For four hours spread over up to three months, I charge $299

7. Booking

– You can either book the session/s online

Filmmaking Consultation


– Or you can email me at to book your session