I’ve been working as an independent filmmaker and writer since I graduated from London College of Communication with the Foundation Degree in Arts, Communication and Media Studies in 2004.

Everything I know about filmmaking, writing and content creation; everything you read on my blog or in my filmmaking e-books is based on my hands-on experience, which I believe is the best way to learn.

I’m a firm believer in the power of storytelling, and I’m not afraid to use any medium available to me to tell stories to my fantastic audience. The story can be anything from a short blog, a tweet or an image, which doesn’t need an explanation. Ever since I can remember I was coming up with characters, plots and storylines. I even put on a Christmas performance one year with the neighbour’s kids, which was my first effort in establishing myself as a storyteller.

I was 7 when I decided that I was going to write, make films and travel. I knew very little about any of these worlds, and everything seemed as possible as the rain in the desert. Nonetheless, I felt and was convinced that my stories were going to change the world. Oh, to be seven again, even for a day.

Apart from my strong belief in the power of storytelling, I also believe in affordable and accessible education, which you can find in my $9.99 Film School section, which I update on a monthly basis with useful links and practical knowledge based on my extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

You will also find a lot of hands-on advice in my filmmaking blog so head over there first if you want to learn about filmmaking and writing for film and video. Nowadays my filmmaking articles can also be found in Impacter and Film Daily.

I also offer directing and producing services. I specialise in impact productions. So if you have an impact film (narrative or documentary) or video you are trying to get off the ground I’m definitely the right person to talk to. My first feature film (Anna & Modern Day Slavery)  about sex and human trafficking was made on $12500 budget, solely crowdfunded through IndieGoGo.

If you want to see what kind of films and videos I make head over to filmmaking section on my website.

If you are planning to turn your book into a script and shop it around, we can also talk about the possibility of me getting on board your project.

As a fictional writer, I write utopian short stories, children storybooks with morals (I believe that children should learn as much as possible from storytelling), film scripts; all of which grow in my mind like mushrooms after warm September rain. I also write lots of blogs about my life as an expat who is forever searching for the Promised Land of freedom, creativity and abundance.

On this website, you will find:

Filmmaking and creativity blogs

Fictional stories

Children books

Ecotopia Universe (my very own universe I created)

To get in touch head to my contact page.

Happy creating,

Magda Olchawska


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