–  Script development for films and videos

I’ve been writing scripts way before I knew how to make films. I have an extensive screenwriting knowledge backed up by years of practice and many scripts behind my belt.

– Directing films and videos

Working with actors was the only aspect of filmmaking I wanted to focus on while in the film school. Little I knew that film directing is so much more than only working with actors. It’s a thrilling high-pressure job, which I wouldn’t swap for anything.

– Producing that includes budgeting, scheduling, crowd-funding, production management, location scouting, post-production supervision. 

I’ve always been good at organizing everything and anything. So it kind of felt natural that over time I took on more production responsibilities, which are second nature to me, anyway.

– Editing

I graduated from London College of Communication as an editor. I feel I’m a decent editor, but my heart will always be more in development and production than in editing.

– Film and video distribution that includes: creative distribution planning and execution, marketing and promotion, film festivals.

My journey into creative distribution started with film festivals, then online marketing and promotion and finally understanding of how VOD platforms and the Internet can be used as an integral part of the creative distribution process.



– Research

I offer my time to other writers who instead focus their time on writing and leave the research to someone else.

– Ghostwriting (blogs, scripts and e-books)

I stumble upon ghostwriting opportunities accidentally but I’m always happy to ghostwrite for all those, who struggle for time or who enter an unknown writing territory and would rather have someone else take that burden from them.

– Blogging that includes: finances, lifestyle & innovations, productivity & filmmaking, and writing

Blogging is a fantastic way to hone one’s writing skills. I blog at least once a week, and most weeks I produce three posts. I’ve been blogging since 2007, and my range of personal interests reflects the variety of posts I write.

– Synopsis development & pitching projects 

I developed this skill early on in my career. Writing engaging synopsis and being able to pitch projects is as important for the project’s success as writing a good story.

– Loglines for projects, ideas and products

I started developing my loglines skills when I jumped into working for businesses and corporations. They need catchy sentences, wording and phrases that could express everything the product or idea is about in 25 words. Writing loglines is a fantastic way of expanding writing abilities.

– E-books and booklets 

I’ve been writing filmmaking e-books and booklets for years. Such a short format allows me to compress complicated ideas into a form that is longer than a blog but still compact and short enough without too much unnecessary fluff.

– Websites copywriting

To be effective every website needs to have a neat copywriting to convey its purpose to the potential visitors and clients. If anything, the online world is going to grow, not shrink, and I’ve been copywriting since 2007.

– Scripts for films and videos

I started on my conscious writing journey (I wrote a lot when I was a teenager but never knew what to do with it.) by writing scripts, which I’ve been doing since 2002. After four solid years of just screenwriting, I felt I needed to spread my wings, and I progressed into short stories and children books. Now I write mainly for film and videos, but I’m more than happy to venture into audio plays and TV writing.

– Treatments for film and video projects

Writing a script is a time-consuming job. Writing a treatment is faster and sometimes enough to sell your project. I write shooting treatments for documentaries and online shows. I also work with development treatments when I write screenplays for films.

I’m always open to new opportunities and projects. If you would like to hire me for your project, drop me an email at magda@magdaolchawska.com and we can take it from there



To watch my films, visit my YouTube channel 

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Before Magda consulted on my film I felt lost. I had no idea how to push my film into the market place and sell it. 
Her knowledge and expertise changed that. After implementing her ideas I’ve secured worldwide distribution, have a strong marketing plan and I’m gearing up for release… all within weeks. 
If you’re getting ready to unleash your masterpiece upon the world, Magda’s advice will prove invaluable. “
                                                               James Twyman (Director of Black Card Productions)