Story I Hear

  • – You’ve just finished your film and don’t know what your next step should be.
  • – You have no idea what type of distribution would be right for your project.
  • – You don’t know how to start approaching distribution for your film.
  • – You don’t know what film distribution options are available to you.
  • – You would like to know more about traditional and creative distribution strategies and what impact both can have on your film’s success.

What Do I Do

  • – As a consultant, I’ll help you understand different distribution paths you can take with your project.
  • – I come up with an initial distribution plan, which will help you get to the next stage.
  • – I help to identify core audience for your film. If you focus your efforts by targeting the right audience, more inclined to find your film interesting, it will make your marketing and promotion much easier.
  • – I provide you with templates for different kinds of pitches, which you can use during your meetings with decision-makers, and as a part of the marketing and promotional campaign.

What We Will Cover

  • – Different distribution paths.
  • – Distribution plan.
  • – Marketing and promotional ideas.
  • – Identifying the audience.

What I Do and What I Don’t Do

  • – I’ll help you understand various distribution paths.
  • – I’ll help you create your distribution plan.
  • – I’ll help you identify your core audience.
  • – I don’t connect filmmakers with decision-makers.
  • – I don’t make any recommendations for distributors, distribution companies or sales agents.

The Process

  • – After the full payment, you will receive a questionnaire from me, which will help me work out the best plan for your film.
  • – If you have your film ready, I’ll ask you to share it with me.
  • – If you don’t have your film ready yet, I’ll ask you to send me as much information about your film as you can, including synopsis, treatment, or script.
  • – Once I have all the materials, I start my work on your distribution plan. In case of any additional questions and clarifications, I’ll email you.
  • – It usually takes me up to 10 working days to have the package ready for you.

What Does It Cost

The price is $499


As a bonus, you will get full access to my Indie Filmmaking School

How to Pay

You can either pay via PayPal



or directly get in touch with me at magda@magdaolchawska.com

If you have any questions regarding the consultation feel free to email me @ magda@magdaolchawska.com