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London Is Lagging Behind

In 2016 the UK decided to leave the European Union. The moment the Leave vote won, the drama surrounding the deal, no deal, ministers, elections, and the basic understanding of what leaving the EU would mean for the UK took over every inch of political and social life. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the majority, including the politicians voting to leave the EU, didn’t understand what EU is and what leaving the EU means. So much efforts, energy and money has been already devoted to Brexit that London, which used to be one of the most exciting cities in the world, is starting to fall behind many other European cities, which are pioneering in sustainability, sustainable lifestyle and start-ups creating conscious economy, conscious consumption, and conscious lifestyle. Like any other mammoth city, London needs sustainability; it needs green incentives, cleaner air and, in London’s case, it surely needs a conscious lifestyle. But unfortunately, London is way too busy, focusing on Brexit and what it means for the city’s economy, art sector and future development. We have …

5 Places in Wroclaw I Always Go Back To

Wroclaw is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city in the south-west of Poland, where I was born and where I go back to at least twice a year. The city has changed massively since I was a child and I’m beyond grateful for that. When I’m in Wroclaw, apart from visiting friends and family, I always go back to those five places for food, coffee and drinks, and I can honestly recommend them to anyone who is travelling through, visiting or thinking of settling in Wroclaw (the order is random):   Pod Papugami – and old, established a restaurant on the Main Square (Rynek). The food they serve is traditional but with a touch of modern spin and the menu is always changed a bit with each coming season. The interior is full of old classic Hollywood posters, which gives the place a unique and one of a kind feel. Over the years the quality of food and the service has not changed and has always stayed delicious. Pod Papugami has been opened for as long as …


Who is the Monster that lives under my bed? Who is it? How did it get there? Why did it choose me? Is it possible that I chose it? Will it ever leave me alone and go away? Go, go, find another person to torture with your relentless sarcastic, repetitive screams Will you try to stay and destroy every single bit of my life and me? Why do you get energised by bashing me, kicking me, and seeing me suffer? I did nothing wrong. I was simply born like children are, So, please, pretty please leave and never, ever come back. London, 20 Nov.2018

How Is Star Wars Inspiring Little M.?

I was planning to write about how Star Wars films have been inspiring a new generation of filmmakers to tell visual stories. However, I must honestly admit I’ve never been a massive fan of the franchise, so I know very little about all that inspiration filmmakers feel while watching or analysing it. I felt that writing about that would be somehow dishonest. However, what I do know for certain is that Little M. has been hugely inspired and influenced by the Star Wars. Before we started home-schooling Little M. attended a Steiner School, and Steiner education is in strong opposition to a modern day entertainment. Of course, he watched films, videos, and TV shows, we weren’t Amish, but for a very long time, I thought that Star Wars was too violent for his developing sensitivity. However, when he started coding and animation classes as part of his home-schooling education, I didn’t want him to feel left out since all his new classmates knew the films well. So finally I allowed him to be introduced to …

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, I Found A Forbidden Forest The Forest Was A Dark Place With Large Population of Crocodiles Hiding Around Every Corner I wanted to run but I couldn’t The fear stopped me from moving I wanted to yell for help but I couldn’t My lips were stitched and my inner screams invisible I was invisible when I decided to stay in the forest to make it bright, make it work I so badly wanted something to work in my life even for a day And that made the fear worth feeling Besides by then, the forest was the only thing I knew well I cleaned and cleaned I weeded and weeded I planted and planted With time the darkness became my norm, but I never stopped believing That the Forbidden Forest could be turned into a bright little oasis of hope Hope that never dies even when the crocodiles are lurking from every corner The End 01. Nov. 2018, London