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What Happened After I Shoot My Low Budget Feature Film?

As after every shoot, I was pretty high for a few days before I hit the brick wall and slept for a couple of days straight.I usually get pretty depressed after the shoot is over, and this time wasn’t any different.The immense sadness lasted for… Read more

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Writing Tips From Judy Blume

1. Reading is the key to writing. Read as many books as possible and then start writing. 2. The only way to learn how to write is to practice, and that takes time. No magic tricks or fast rules will allow you to skip the… Read more

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What Do Sales Agents Do In The Film Industry?

Sales agent’s in the film and TV industry main task is to help you sell your project to distributors, TV networks, airlines, hotel chains, and any other outlets that screen films and shows. The sales agent is the middle man between the production and the… Read more

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Mind Games

I bet we all played mind games in high school, just to get back at our mortal enemies, or to amuse our wondering minds, or possibly just to survive the jungle the high school is. When I was growing up, I had this romantic idea… Read more