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Final Thoughts on Producing My Low Budget Feature Film

FILM FESTIVALS AND FRUSTRATION THAT ARE IRREVOCABLY PART OF THIS PROCESS As some of you probably know by now, film festivals are a costly part of the filmmaking business. I have submitted Anna to over 30 festivals and didn’t get accepted to even one.Yes, it… Read more

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Pre-Production of My Low Budget Feature Film

At the early stage of production, my husband and I were covering all the production needs. At the same time, I was re-writing the script while running the campaign and working on my director’s notes. I’m one of those directors who need to have everything… Read more

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How I Made an Indie Feature Film on $12500 Budget: IndieGoGo Campaign

For me, it was a pretty emotional time, and I was either high or low. Being upbeat wasn’t easy, especially on days when nothing was happening to move us closer to closing the budget. There were moments when I even started looking for alternative ways… Read more

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How I Made an Indie Feature Film on $12500 Budget?

IT ALL STARTED WITH A DREAM Most of the filmmakers, I’ve met, dream of making a feature film. A film that would, and could, be the stepping-stone in their filmmaking careers. However, before that happens, filmmakers usually spend years making shorts, developing their skills in… Read more

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How to Set up a Crowdfunding Campaign?

Setting up your campaign First and foremost, give yourself time to build your campaign page. You can create your campaign over a few days or even weeks. You must remember that this is going to be your calling card and, if you are serious about… Read more