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9 MM Short Film by Magda Olchawska

“9 MM” Short Film by Magda Olchawska One day Katia finds a letter in an old bottle. It is from Mathew, her school sweat heart whom she hadn’t seen for 16 years. Can one letter bring back memories of childhood love and change their unhappy lives? Festivals Official Selection: Waterford Film Festival; Jaipur International Film Festival; Deep Fried Film Festival; International Festival of Film & Culture at Patras City; Naoussa International Film Festival; Novara Film Festival;

Eurythmy Therapy Documentaries

ABOUT EURYTHMY THERAPY Eurythmy Therapy was developed as a movement therapy in 1921 by the Austrian philosopher, scientist and educator Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The gestures and movements of the performing art of eurythmy are modified for therapy purposes.  Eurythmy therapy is one essential element of the system of anthroposophic medicine. This integrates both natural scientific and anthroposophic-humanistic knowledge.  Eurythmy therapy aims to help the patient to activate their inherent powers of healing and enable them to find a way to a state of balanced health. Eurythmy therapy uses the medium of the sounds of speech and the tones of music as they manifest in movement. Each sound of speech has a corresponding form in movement, which is created by the upright human being, principally using their arms. The consonants manifest as free sculptural forms,  vowels as geometric forms. In the same way, elements from music eurythmy (gestures for the notes of music and the intervals between them) can be reshaped into vocal eurythmy therapy exercises. To find out more visit Eurythmy Therapy Associations website.

Anna and Modern Day Slavery: IndieGoGo Funded Feature Film

“Anna & Modern Day Slavery”, remarkably realistic docu-fiction, that addresses one of the continuing tragedies of our times. These women need to be helped, need to be saved, and something must be done to prevent modern-day slavery. Anna’s unearthing the profoundly troubling flow of money that corrupts everything suggests the way forward! “Anna & Modern Day Slavery a very fine effort – especially given the limited resources. It comes across as a real passion project. It’s well directed and edited and scored, a great tribute to the filmmaker’s determination.” Peter Spencer “Just saw a preview of Anna & Modern Day Slavery, extraordinary actors: Paula Preston and Pawel Palcat won’t let you forget Anna and Modern Day Slavery” Claude Forthomme Film Facts: We shot the entire movie in 9 days, which was only possible thanks to generous support of strangers, friends and family during our IndieGoGo campaign 🙂 The total production budget was $18500 including the post-production money and festival fees (for instance an independent Irish film from 2007 “Once”, which won Academy Award for Best …