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Shonda Rhimes Shares Her Tips on Pitching TV Shows Effectively

1. You need to learn how to pitch effectively to be successful and have your show picked up. 2. Well-constructed pitch is visual, quick and easy to portray the show’s central characters and the core concept. 3. Think about how you could describe your show to your listeners, so they could see saleable aspects of the show. 4. According to Shonda, a good pitch should: Start with the premise of the show. Explain the world of the show. Introduce the characters. Explain what the pilot is about. Be authentic and help your listeners connect emotionally with the characters. You will have to talk about how many episodes you have planned. Wrap it up and thank everyone for listening. Your pitch shouldn’t be longer than 5–10 minutes.

What Motivates Your Audience?

Motivating an audience to stick with the story you have created is an art form. Creating a piece of art that will get your audience trapped in that piece, wanting more from the story, is something every writer aspires to. However, the question for many writers has always been what is this amazingly magical ingredient that could help writers motivate their audience to stick with the story. Below you will find a list of a few ingredients to consider while trying to reach your audience with your story: 1. The audience doesn’t want to be just a casual observer. Your audience wants to be engaged in the story so do everything you can to engage them. 2. The audience wants to be given clues to put the whole story together in their heads. 3. Surprise your audience with a reversal now and then. Surprise them with something they didn’t see coming. This turn of events will make their experience more exciting and satisfying. 4. Don’t create something that seems or feels too unbelievable for the …

Eurythmy Therapy Documentaries

ABOUT EURYTHMY THERAPY Eurythmy Therapy was developed as a movement therapy in 1921 by the Austrian philosopher, scientist and educator Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The gestures and movements of the performing art of eurythmy are modified for therapy purposes.  Eurythmy therapy is one essential element of the system of anthroposophic medicine. This integrates both natural scientific and anthroposophic-humanistic knowledge.  Eurythmy therapy aims to help the patient to activate their inherent powers of healing and enable them to find a way to a state of balanced health. Eurythmy therapy uses the medium of the sounds of speech and the tones of music as they manifest in movement. Each sound of speech has a corresponding form in movement, which is created by the upright human being, principally using their arms. The consonants manifest as free sculptural forms,  vowels as geometric forms. In the same way, elements from music eurythmy (gestures for the notes of music and the intervals between them) can be reshaped into vocal eurythmy therapy exercises. To find out more visit Eurythmy Therapy Associations website.