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List of 25 Golden Fleece Movies

List of 25 Film in the Golden Fleece Category you should watch if this is the genre you write in. For the full explanation of this category check out Blake Snyder’s “Save the Cat” book on screenwriting. Race to Witch Mountain Mighty Ducks The Martian Sahara Cool Runnings Ocean’s Eleven National Treasure Jason and the Argonauts Lara Croft A League of Their Own Rocky Remember the Titans Coach Carter The Wizard of Oz Saving Private Ryan Raiders of the Lost Ark Star Wars saga Inception Back to the Future Warrior Road to Perdition The Fifth Element Major League The Karate Kid Little Miss Sunshine

Reverse – Short Film

Angela is a very lonely woman. She hasn’t been in a relationship for quite a while. At the moment she spends most of her time trying to discover who she really is and what she really wants from life. At one point Angela decides to create a perfect man. For the creation to be as good as she would want to she uses magic. When the man appears in her life, he turns out to be an angel. This is a story of self-discovery on both sexual and personal level that happens to every woman in her lifetime.  

9 Vital Visual Content Creation Tips

If you are interested in creating visual marketing tactic think about the following: What is your message to your audience? What do you want your audiences and viewers see when they see your content? What is at least one major characteristic that you want your audience to associate with you and your visual content? Research on other brand and content videos in order to research their shooting styles. If you like the style you could copy it without having to spend lots of money while shooting. If you choose a certain stylistic approach and it isn’t working, change it. The change can be drastic or subtler, depending on your approach. Try to see what your audience likes about your content and try to recreate more of that. Interact with your audience asking them questions or get feedback from them before releasing your content. Please do remember that big brands have massive budgets to spend on content creation. It doesn’t necessarily mean the content is good in any way (I’m sure you can think of at …

What Did I Learn Over the Years Creating Content?

I have been creating online content since 2007 and back then nobody really knew how to market and promote stuff online. People simply didn’t know what really worked and what didn’t since it was way to early to tell. The initial advice was to be active and to be everywhere. To be active on social media is obviously a very good advice but to be everywhere with your content, not so much. To this day a lot of marketing and promotional campaigns are modelled on what worked for some people who managed to go viral. However, as with pretty much, everything in life, not all that is in fashion should be followed religiously by all. If what you follow works, stick with it, if it doesn’t, it’s time to move on. Over the years I have learned the following lessons: -You can create: visual content audio content written content the mixture of all above as long as you are consistent with your message you are trying to put forward. -You don’t need to limit yourself …

15 Visual Content Creation Tips

Do you have a script or treatment ready before the shooting commences? If yes, make sure it is accommodating to your budget, if not, don’t start shooting but work on your script/treatment until it’s ready. Do you have a budget set aside for your production? I know that often people say that they are working on a no-budget production but believe me, even that production still requires money. If you are shooting live action you need to pay, at least, for the travel and food. If you are using images, you must be using relevant pictures for your story and at one point or another, you will likely come to the point where you’ll have to pay for something. If you use stock photos, please don’t confuse your audience by using images that don’t have anything to do with your story or product. Make sure your sound is good. I don’t mean that you should spend much money on sound equipment; I mean make sure there isn’t anything too noisy around you while you are …