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What Are Film Director’s Responsibilities?

As a film student I read many books written by other film directors but I never fully understood what my responsibilities were going to be until I started making my own films. Below you will find my own list of director’s responsibilities. 1. I believe… Read more

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Ron Howard’s Filmmaking Tips

As a filmmaker, you ought to feel emotionally, not intellectually, connected to the story. You should live, breath and dream the story. If you ask your audience to invest their time and money in your film, you need to be certain that the story has… Read more

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How Mira Nair Auditions Actors?

Mira Nair is a film director and producer, her best-known films include: “Salaam Bombay”, “Monsoon Wedding”, “Mississippi Masala”, “Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love”. Her recent films include: “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and “Queen of Katwe”. 1. Make sure actors feel comfortable and relaxed during the… Read more