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Let’s Talk About Theatrical Distribution Window!

Recently James Murdoch said that theatrical window “is gone for good”. If it’s true, what that means for us, indie filmmakers and content creators, who rely on video/film as part of our creative work? Well, this is what I think will happen: Film/video distribution will… Read more

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Filmmaker Is an Entrepreneur As Well

Filmmaking used to be about making films, period. A filmmaker’s job was to make a film. But with the new and exciting age of the Internet filmmaking is not only what it used to be and producing a film is just a part of that… Read more

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Lessons to Be Learnt from Richard Hendricks

The Silicon Valley show has been on for five seasons already. I watched them all, and I must say that I liked season 5 the most. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it depicts a story about a group of coders working in… Read more