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Choose to Commit to Writing No Matter What

If you are like me and struggle at times to find the courage to write the tips and advice below from Natalie Goldberg should help you navigate the stormy waters. 2. You have to be willing to give it as long as it takes. So,… Read more

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10 Writing Tips How to Get Unstuck When You Don’t Know What to Do

1. Keep your hand moving. Regardless of your doubts and insecurities try to keep on writing, even though you think that what you’ve written makes no sense. 2. Lose control, don’t censor or edit your own writing, keep on writing whatever comes to your mind.… Read more

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A Little Bit More About the Characters

Without strong and real characters, your story will have no framework to be built around. It’s worth investing time in developing and getting to know your characters. Even after your first draft, you will still have plenty of time to get to know your characters… Read more

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Shonda Rhimes Shares Her Tips on Pitching TV Shows Effectively

1. You need to learn how to pitch effectively to be successful and have your show picked up. 2. Well-constructed pitch is visual, quick and easy to portray the show’s central characters and the core concept. 3. Think about how you could describe your show… Read more

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Writing Tips From Shonda Rhimes One of the Most Successful TV Writers

About Shonda Rhimes is an American producer, writer (fiction, film and TV scripts) and showrunner. Her shows include: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Private Practice’, ‘Scandal’, and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’, just to name a few. 1. Learn how to source ideas for your stories from… Read more