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Final Thoughts on Producing My Low Budget Feature Film

FILM FESTIVALS AND FRUSTRATION THAT ARE IRREVOCABLY PART OF THIS PROCESS As some of you probably know by now, film festivals are a costly part of the filmmaking business. I have submitted Anna to over 30 festivals and didn’t get accepted to even one.Yes, it… Read more

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How Did the Post-Production of My Feature Film “Anna and Modern Day Slavery” Go?

MARKETING & PROMOTION At first, I tried to keep everyone who was directly involved, or who contributed to my film, in the loop with emails, tweets and FB posts. But when life demands started crowding me, I needed to focus on my main priority. At… Read more

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What Happened After I Shoot My Low Budget Feature Film?

As after every shoot, I was pretty high for a few days before I hit the brick wall and slept for a couple of days straight.I usually get pretty depressed after the shoot is over, and this time wasn’t any different.The immense sadness lasted for… Read more

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On the Set of My Micro-Budget Feature Film “Anna & Modern Day Slavery”

PRODUCTION Unforeseen forces can both help you or screw things up (the weather, conflicting schedules, etc.). For us, our biggest challenge wasn’t having one of our leading actors available for the whole shooting. Oh, and the fact that the camera we hired from Berlin(Germany) didn’t… Read more

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This Is What I Did While Making “Anna and Modern Day Slavery”

I started my IndieGoGo campaign during the first week of March and finished in the middle of April. Towards the end of March, my production designer and I began thinking about building a set while still looking for locations that had all we needed. From the very… Read more