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What Happened After I Shoot My Low Budget Feature Film?

As after every shoot, I was pretty high for a few days before I hit the brick wall and slept for a couple of days straight.I usually get pretty depressed after the shoot is over, and this time wasn’t any different.The immense sadness lasted for… Read more

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How to Attract Decision Makers to Your Project?

Not every decision-maker will be interested in the project you are offering. That’s why it’s important to research the decision-makers you are planning to approach. You need to be certain that you invest your time and energy in approaching the right people. Everyone needs to… Read more

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6 Tips on How to Approach Decision Makers

1. Do your research correctly, so that you know exactly who you are approaching. Approaching the wrong person, or the wrong company with your request is counterproductive because after putting all your efforts and energy out, you will never hear back from them. If you… Read more

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My 9-Year Old Son’s Advice to Dudes in the Film Industry

Driving to the swimming pool, Little M. noticed a billboard advert with Benedict Cumberbatch. Little M. remembered Benedict from one of the Star Trek movies (I’m a big fan of Star Trek) and as any child his age he immediately got excited that he remembered… Read more