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Anna and Modern Day Slavery: IndieGoGo Funded Feature Film

Anna & Modern Day Slavery - official poster

“Anna & Modern Day Slavery”, remarkably realistic docu-fiction, that addresses one of the continuing tragedies of our times. These women need to be helped, need to be saved, and something must be done to prevent modern-day slavery. Anna’s unearthing the profoundly troubling flow of money that corrupts everything suggests the way forward!
“Anna & Modern Day Slavery a very fine effort – especially given the limited resources. It comes across as a real passion project. It’s well directed and edited and scored, a great tribute to the filmmaker’s determination.” Peter Spencer
“Just saw a preview of Anna & Modern Day Slavery, extraordinary actors: Paula Preston and Pawel Palcat won’t let you forget Anna and Modern Day Slavery” Claude Forthomme
Film Facts:
We shot the entire movie in 9 days, which was only possible thanks to generous support of strangers, friends and family during our IndieGoGo campaign 🙂
The total production budget was $18500 including the post-production money and festival fees (for instance an independent Irish film from 2007 “Once”, which won Academy Award for Best Original Song was made on $150,000.)
Running time 66 min.
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