I’ve been working as an independent filmmaker and writer since I graduated from London College of Communication in 2004 with the Foundation Degree in Arts, Communication and Media Studies.

Everything I know about filmmaking, writing and content creation; everything you read on my blog or in my filmmaking e-books is based on my hands-on experience, which I believe is the best way to learn.

On this website, you will find many blogs, both about filmmaking and content creation as well as my fictional works, loosely based on what is going on in my creative and sometimes personal life. You will also find lots of freebies and filmmaking e-books if you want to take your filmmaking and pitching skills to the next level.

Also, check out my IMDB page for the list of my film and videos I produced, directed or written over the years.

If you think you would like to work with me either check out my Work With Me page or drop me an email at magda@magdaolchawska.com 

Happy creating,

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 Impakter “What It Takes to Be an Independent Filmmaker”