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5 Places in Wroclaw I Always Go Back To

Wroclaw is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city in the south-west of Poland, where I was born and where I go back to at least twice a year. The city has changed massively since I was a child and I’m beyond grateful for that.

When I’m in Wroclaw, apart from visiting friends and family, I always go back to those five places for food, coffee and drinks, and I can honestly recommend them to anyone who is travelling through, visiting or thinking of settling in Wroclaw (the order is random):


  • Pod Papugami – and old, established a restaurant on the Main Square (Rynek). The food they serve is traditional but with a touch of modern spin and the menu is always changed a bit with each coming season. The interior is full of old classic Hollywood posters, which gives the place a unique and one of a kind feel. Over the years the quality of food and the service has not changed and has always stayed delicious. Pod Papugami has been opened for as long as I can remember, which in a fast-paced modern city is not easy to achieve. In fact, it’s only one of maybe five places in Wroclaw centre open in the same spot for at least 25 years. It usually gets jam-packed so better book a table in advance, unless you don’t mind sitting by the bar, which is also charming in its way. In the summertime you can sit in the garden, with the view on the western side of magnificent Main Square and on Solny Square, full of flower stalls.
  • Vinyl Café, small café north of the Main Square, at Kotlarska Street. A one-off coffee shop with fantastic music played on vinyls. The old-fashioned chairs and tables only add an extra layer of charm to this already magical place. The cosy and easygoing atmosphere always makes me feel welcome there. They also have a very good wi-fi, so if you need to check your email, social media or only do some work, you are in the right place. I usually have ginger tea with honey or, in the winter, mulled wine. They also have a selection of leafy teas and more or less traditional home-baked specialities, such as recently tasted key lime pie.
  • Osiem Misek at Wlodkowica Street – serves one of the yummiest Thai foods I have ever had. It’s a busy place, and often I need to wait for the table, but surely the wait is worth it. Pad thai, in particular, is definitely the best I’ve ever tried. The menu and interior are simple but the food is definitely worth visiting there every time I’m in Wroclaw. Once you are at Osiem Misek, you must visit next-door’s Krasnolod, It is a local, artisan ice cream parlour, making their ice creams only from natural ingredients. After a meal in Osiem Misek and the dessert at Krasnolod, you will be full for the rest of the day.
  • VaffaNapoli – a pizza place at Wlodkowica Street, maybe 200 metres down, towards National Forum of Music. The menu is really simple, consisting merely of pizza and pasta dishes but every one I’ve ever tried was simply excellent. The portions are very generous and the atmosphere pretty late back, and it all adds up to a place buzzing with people, regardless of the season. Since the place is incredibly busy and hard to get a table, I would say booking is required.
  • Vega – a must-go place for vegans and vegetarians (and not only – my hubby who is a meat eater loves Vega). This is another place that has been in the same spot forever, situated on the opposite end of Sukiennice, in the Main Square. It truly is a real heaven for vegans and vegetarians. During the lunchtime it gets swamped, by locals and tourists alike, as the prices are more than affordable, so make sure you either leave enough time or come after lunch to enjoy the food. Vega offers plenty of choices and soups are my favourite.

Enjoy Wroclove 🙂



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