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How to Incorporate Characters Secret Life into Your Screenplay?

The character’s secret life illustrates all that happens to them before the scene or the film/story begins. Knowing your character’s secret life is intended to assist writers in creating engaging and authentic characters. Even when you develop the fascinating secret life for your character, keep… Read more

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The Devil Is in the Details

I’m sure we all know this phrase, and many writers and screenwriters talk about small details that distinguish characters from one another and make them unique, one of a kind, memorable and most importantly, authentic. Giving the characters small details will make them come to… Read more

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How to Create Compelling Characters?

I hate when someone tells me that the characters, which I created aren’t compelling without giving me any specifics in which way they aren’t compelling, or not offering any words of wisdom that would help me turn things around for my protagonists. Such useless feedback… Read more