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Can Your Story Surprise and Be Inevitable at the Same Time?

How many times have you seen a film and could easily predict what was going to happen next? The plot was unsurprising, the characters unoriginal, and it felt like you’ve seen that story many times over. Of course, no one wants to write predictable stories… Read more

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When The Story Takes Over

I wasn’t planning to write about exploring new story ideas this week, but since I keep preaching about being flexible with life, spending and, of course, creativity, flexibility should also apply to me. So, in the spirit of flexibility, I’m here to report that this… Read more

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What Is the Theme of Your Story?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. The protagonists’ stakes and obstacles give the audience the reasons to care for the story and the hero, while the theme depicts what the story is really about. In screenwriting, the theme adds another dimension to the story. As… Read more