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Until There Is Drama, There Is No Film

Disclaimer: This post might contain affiliate links. For the story to work dramatically, all the screenplay elements (stakes, external antagonist or obstacles, intimate opponent, actions the characters take or avoid taking) need to be visible for the audience from the start of the film. The… Read more

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Logical Characters Aren’t Dramatically Interesting

Disclosure: some of the links in this article are affiliated with Amazon. We all know that our protagonist needs to have an antagonist and/or obstacles to take action and reach the goals they set themselves to achieve. However, since life and real people are complicated,… Read more

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Does Your Hero Need an Intimate Opponent?

In some stories, facing the external antagonist or an obstacle (we covered this subject here) isn’t going to work for the hero. If that is the case, your protagonist may need an intimate opponent. An intimate opponent is someone close to the main character, someone,… Read more