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10 Writing Tips How to Get Unstuck When You Don’t Know What to Do

1. Keep your hand moving. Regardless of your doubts and insecurities try to keep on writing, even though you think that what you’ve written makes no sense. 2. Lose control, don’t censor or edit your own writing, keep on writing whatever comes to your mind.… Read more

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A Little Bit More About the Characters

Without strong and real characters, your story will have no framework to be built around. It’s worth investing time in developing and getting to know your characters. Even after your first draft, you will still have plenty of time to get to know your characters… Read more

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How I Made an Indie Feature Film on $12500 Budget: IndieGoGo Campaign

For me, it was a pretty emotional time, and I was either high or low. Being upbeat wasn’t easy, especially on days when nothing was happening to move us closer to closing the budget. There were moments when I even started looking for alternative ways… Read more