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On the Set of My Micro-Budget Feature Film “Anna & Modern Day Slavery”

PRODUCTION Unforeseen forces can both help you or screw things up (the weather, conflicting schedules, etc.). For us, our biggest challenge wasn’t having one of our leading actors available for the whole shooting. Oh, and the fact that the camera we hired from Berlin(Germany) didn’t… Read more

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How Might the Future of Film Festivals Look Like?

In 2020 film festivals had no other choice but began moving their programming online. Covid-19 has already changed the face of many sectors and how the business will be conducted in the future. Will film festivals follow the suit and adjust to changing trends and… Read more

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This Is What I Did While Making “Anna and Modern Day Slavery”

I started my IndieGoGo campaign during the first week of March and finished in the middle of April. Towards the end of March, my production designer and I began thinking about building a set while still looking for locations that had all we needed. From the very… Read more

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Choose to Commit to Writing No Matter What

If you are like me and struggle at times to find the courage to write the tips and advice below from Natalie Goldberg should help you navigate the stormy waters. 2. You have to be willing to give it as long as it takes. So,… Read more

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Pre-Production of My Low Budget Feature Film

At the early stage of production, my husband and I were covering all the production needs. At the same time, I was re-writing the script while running the campaign and working on my director’s notes. I’m one of those directors who need to have everything… Read more