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Filmmaking Is Much More Than Just the Equipment

Telling a story, developing a story, organising production, selling the finished product, finding the audience; all those elements are part of every filmmaking process. Unfortunately, nowadays it seems that quite many filmmakers have forgotten that having the newest or most expensive equipment is not the beginning,… Read more

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Pitching Your Projects 

Pitching projects to decision-makers, other filmmakers, financiers, and anyone else who could help you get your project off the ground is not an easy job. It requires skills and practice, as well as determination and persistence. There are specific formulas for pitching projects at different pitching… Read more

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You Made A Film What Happens Next

This is the big question; every filmmaker asks themselves during the production process. Partially, you should know who your target audience is, and who is going to watch your film, before you start the development process and invest a ton of time and energy into… Read more