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Marketing and Promoting A Film Is A Group Effort

Filmmaking is a collaborative art form and anyone, who has ever made a film knows this obvious truth. Of course, there are instances when one filmmaker makes the entire film on their own or with very limited help. But these are rather exceptions than a… Read more

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Scriptwriting In A Nutshell: External Antagonist and/or Obstacle

As a writer, you need to care for your external antagonist as much as you care for your main character. The external antagonist or the external obstacle that the main character is trying to overcome is going to drive your story; and a strong, consistent… Read more

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Scriptwriting In A Nutshell: Obstacles We Care About

As screenwriters, our job is to make our main character’s journey throughout the whole film as exciting and challenging as possible. If we don’t put any obstacles on the protagonist’s way, our film will be very short and most likely uneventfully boring. Film is a… Read more