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Women in Film: “Campo De Batalla” by Amancay Tapia

Amancay Tapia is a multi-award winning filmmaker, freelance journalist and a founder and blogger at The Lady of the World. She is also a mum living her life to the fullest. Amancay has a proven track record as a film director as well as a… Read more

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After 6 Months of Homeschooling, I Know That…

1. Little M. made massive progress with his reading and writing. At the beginning of the year his reading age was five and now, after 6 months, it is seven. That is a huge improvement for a boy who felt stupid at school because he… Read more

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“Dad” is a family movie about Jo a single dad who has difficulties accepting his long-term unemployment and coming to terms with changes he needs to make to have a new start.     

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Do Filmmakers Really Need Film Festivals?

There are over 10000 film festivals around the world; most of them require a submission fee from the participants to be even able to send their film for consideration, which obviously doesn’t mean that it is going to make the cut and be screened. Every… Read more

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All I Can Think Of Are Stories…

After a boiling hot weekend (we don’t get many of those in the UK, so I’m not complaining) and a Monday spent in the British Museum, on trains, DLR and in Charlton House, none of the above with any air conditioning, I overheated my body.… Read more