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My 3 Cents About Cannes (A Female Filmmaker Opinion)

I’ve only been to Cannes twice. Both times with short films, which were part of the Short Film Corner. Cannes has a lovely setting; the weather is almost always nice, which should make for an enjoyable experience. As a festival goer, I’m not going to… Read more

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I Cannot Keep Quiet Any Longer!!!

It’s very likely that I’ve already written about smartphones, tablets, and kids spending gazillions of their childhood minutes glued to those devices. I feel very strongly about that subject and always have. I believe in the power of humongous negative influence all those “smart” devices… Read more

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What Happened to the Community?

Do you remember when, as children, we spend the whole day or an afternoon with the neighbours’ kids in their house: playing, eating, and doing whatever else children do? Nobody had to plan those spontaneous visit weeks in advance. You just turned up at the… Read more

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Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting at

Aaron Sorkin is a scriptwriter behind such successful films as “The Social Network”, “Steve Jobs”, or a TV shows like “West Wing” or “Newsroom”. In 2017 he wrote and directed “Molly’s Game” with Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom. Personally, I loved the film and how… Read more