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What Is the Soul of the Film?

As a filmmaker and an avid film consumer (I watch several films a week), I started wondering what makes some stories work and some stories fall short of the high expectations an audience member has while waiting with anticipation for the film to be out.… Read more

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As a Dyslexic Learner, I Can Tell You.

1. Life at school was pretty miserable. Neither the school nor my parents had any idea what was happening to me. Besides that fact I was in the state school in a socialist country and, to be honest, I’m not even sure they knew something… Read more

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What Is the Film Director’s Job on the Film Set?

People ask me this question quite often and, sometimes, even I ask myself the same question. I could go on and on about the technicalities of my job and the endless amount of skills it requires from me and how much knowledge the director needs… Read more

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Parents – Teachers Dynamic

Why Teachers Have Such Difficulties Hearing What the Parents Say?   My son is in class 3 in one of London’s independent schools. The education we chose for him is intended to be much slower than the mainstream schooling system. The system, when implemented in… Read more