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List of 20 Film Financing Organisations

1. Canwest-Hot Docs Funds Hot Docs and Canwest have partnered in the creation of the Canwest-Hot Docs Documentary Funds. These Funds consist of a $3-million completion fund and a $1-million development fund. Canwest’s $4-million infusion into the Canadian documentary production community via the Funds… Read more

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Lists of The Most Important Film Festivals

Being a filmmaker, you eventually get to the point where you have your film ready and are beginning to think how to show it to the world. One of the best possible ways to get both you and your film noticed is to get into… Read more

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Comprehensive List of the Most Important Film Funding Organisations

If you decide to make a film, you face many problems. First, you struggle to catch and hold on to the idea that flickers in your head. Then you try to gather the best cast, crew and equipment for your project. But in most cases… Read more

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List of 31 Most Important Film Markets Around the World

1. Asia Television Forum (ATF) (clickable link) Asia Television Forum (ATF) is Asia’s leading programming market, where international content sellers meet with Asian buyers and partners to sell, buy and network. 2. Asian Film Market (clickable link) Asian Film Market is a part of the Pusan International… Read more

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How to Theatrically Distribute a Film?

Even though a lot of filmmakers skip theatrical distribution nowadays because of the vast cost and the lack of return on it, it still cannot be of overestimated value. Even pretty limited theatrical distribution in a few theatres across the country may produce revenue in… Read more