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20 Years Later

I moved to London 20 years ago. I just took my A-levels in Poland and didn’t see my future there at all. It was all before the expansion of the EU, before the rise of ultra-right haters and well before this infamous word – Brexit. Now Brexit is looming over all of us, there is no exception at this point and it doesn’t even matter who voted in or out, and who made or is still making shit lots of money on the confusion and general disorder that followed that voting. By the way, one must wonder who would profit the most from the collapse of the EU and NATO.

Anyway, my life is undoubtedly more political than it used to be, much easier than ever and still strongly connected to London.

To celebrate my 20th anniversary here I’ve decided to write “London, My Love Story” poems to honour the city and my life in it. London that I fell in love with, which is mostly gone now and the new exciting beginning that will come after my time in London comes to an end in two or three years (I need to take into consideration Little M.; it’s not only me now so I don’t have a precise date yet).

20 Years Later

I landed on your shores so long ago, I couldn’t see my future where I came from.

The anxiety, nervousness mixed with excitement, is not something I want to forget.

I was young, naive but full of hopes and dreams. 

With time I got used to the noise, the traffic, the people.

I could never be too long away from you. You are like a drug, addictive, abusive, only at times loving.

I lived in so many places all over the city that I can barely remember the rooms, small single beds or the nearby train stations.

I met so many people, had countless lovers and a broken heart a few times.

I fell, picked myself up and moved on.

I treasure and cherish your beauty as much as I hated you at times.

For me, you’ve always been my daily life, my home.

I never thought I was going to stay that long, but love has no logic behind.

I always hoped that our love affair would last until I took my last breath.

But now you are asking for a divorce.

Somehow our future becomes an impossible dream.

Where would I be, where will I go?

New shore, new people, new smells.

New beginnings, perhaps new love affair.


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Magda Olchawska is an award-winning independent filmmaker, writer and screenwriter. She writes not only about making films and writing but also about financially independent and sustainable lifestyle. Her current projects include Ecotopia Universe and School Runs.

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